PTMS puts you in control of your license compliance by creating a single, secure source for all your data, documents, payments, and work tasks.

A centralized solution reduces errors, gives everyone access to the data they need, shortens processes, generates notifications and reports, and automates steps you’d otherwise do manually.

Spreadsheets, homegrown systems, and post-it notes tend to be the most common methods of tracking licensing. The more you grow as a company, the more burdensome this becomes. Without a centralized system in place, key entry errors are easily made, data is duplicated or missing, time is lost working with other departments or the field to get needed information, data and documents are not readily available to the right people, and creating reports can be time-consuming or impossible.

PTMS is designed to address those challenges, and to make sure you can effectively manage your licensing and your risk with a single solution, eliminating incidents of late filings and non-compliance, no matter your size or industry.

Solution Features

  • Configurable, role-based Dashboard displays all pending deadlines
  • Automated email alerts warn of all pending renewal and task deadlines
  • Customizable license workflow tracks every step in your compliance process
  • Secure, centralized database of all your licensing and compliance data provides you access from anywhere
  • Easy, online payment and approvals process
  • AP interface exports payment requests to any AP system
  • User-defined compliance tasks enable you to customize LicenseHQ to your specific processes
  • Bulk edit tools quickly filter groups of licenses and perform mass updates
  • Attachment Manager quickly links scanned documents and files to license data
  • Custom report writer with automatic email distribution capabilities promotes process visibility within all levels of your organization
  • Search tools allow you to access specific license data and documents quickly and easily
  • Comprehensive audit log tracks all changes to ensure data integrity and SOX compliance
  • Role-based security provides personnel with access to the data they need, while keeping it safe from all others

How You Benefit

  • Reduce time spent on compliance and eliminate incidents of non-compliance
  • Stay on top of all upcoming licensing deadlines – renewals, payments, and all supporting tasks
  • Identify lost or missing renewal invoices proactively
  • Eliminate errors and inconsistent reporting
  • Share data across departments and compliance teams
  • Slash the time and effort associated with processing and approving payments
  • Coordinate activities performed by different groups and field personnel
  • Manage all necessary steps required to obtain and maintain licenses
  • Minimize time spent updating licenses with new entity or personnel data
  • Go paperless and access documents from anywhere
  • Generate reports quickly and easily

How Does This Help My Business?

PTMS has been a huge time-saver for us, from filing returns, the assessments, tax bills — really the whole process from beginning to end. We can prepare two or three hundred returns for a state  in four to five hours, and get them out the door same-day if needed. If you did that by hand, you’d need several people on hand to be able to handle that volume!

Bobby Barnes, VP of Compliance Operations DuCharme, McMillen & Associates

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