Paying tax bills can represent a substantial investment of time and resources for an organization, especially when manually processing payments.

PTMS makes the payment process easy by handling repetitive tasks. Automatic check request processing and available OCR technology to eliminate keystrokes give you more time to take care of the important stuff—paying bills on time and avoiding penalties.

How PTMS benefits you

  • Eliminates the risk of missing or late tax bills
  • Reduces bill processing time
  • Ensures tax bill accuracy

PTMS solution features

  • Includes tax rates, bill due dates, and collector addresses
  • Receive alerts regarding missing and upcoming tax bills
  • Automatically populates expected bill information to reduce keystrokes
  • Available Optical Character Recognition (OCR) tools eliminate data entry from tax bills
  • Populates GL account and vendor code information on each check request, eliminating the need to look up each code
  • Attaches a tax bill image to each tax bill or check request record for easy archival and retrieval
  • Provides tax liability and tax rate trends over multiple years
  • Compares tax liability using user-defined thresholds for identifying incorrect tax bills
  • Allocates tax to each asset for easy bill-back of clients/tenants or internal cost centers
  • Generates customizable Accounts Payable check requests and Accounts Receivable payment requests
  • Allows for customizable tax bill and check request approval workflows
  • Integrates with third-party payment processing companies

Advanced functionality for PTMS

How does this help my business?

PTMS has been a huge time-saver for us, from filing returns, the assessments, tax bills — really the whole process from beginning to end. We can prepare two or three hundred returns for a state  in four to five hours, and get them out the door same-day if needed. If you did that by hand, you’d need several people on hand to be able to handle that volume!

Bobby Barnes, VP of Compliance Operations DuCharme, McMillen & Associates

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