PTMS for Real Property Tax

Real Property Tax Made Simple

Tired of combing through spreadsheets to find the documents or data you need? How much time do you spend manually entering assessment or payment data?

PTMS makes property tax simple.

It saves you time, increases accuracy, and manages all of your documents — so you can focus on lowering your tax liability.

  • Track all aspects of the property tax workflow
  • Optimize your allocation of resources
  • Reduce time devoted to property tax
  • Minimize taxes paid
  • Increase accuracy
  • Break parcel values into components to reduce tax
  • Spend less time researching property tax jurisdictions
  • Manage all payment and appeal deadlines
  • Validate assessments and manage appeals more efficiently
  • Pay more bills in less time
  • Analyze property tax cash flow quickly and easily
  • Project future tax liability and manage accruals
  • Take better advantage of discount opportunities
  • Create reports in less time
  • Apportion tax back to tenants for reimbursement
  • Simplify audits and save time
  • Access status reports, analytics, custom KPIs from anywhere at anytime
  • Cash flow reports save you time and enable you to better manage your finances
  • Parcel components for tax apportionment and valuation modelling
  • Thousands of taxing jurisdictions, rates, assessors, collectors, due dates
  • Secure, centralized database of all your property tax data provides you access from anywhere
  • Copy and Paste functions to move data directly to/from MS Excel
  • OCR technology pulls data from assessment notices and tax bills to eliminate data entry
  • Searchable central repository to store all property tax documents, which are automatically linked to sites, appeals, payment records, etc.
  • Assessment thresholds to automatically alert you to overassessment and appeal opportunities
  • Property tax workflow that tracks every step in your property tax process
  • Easy tax payment approval process
  • AP interface exports payment requests to any AP system
  • Tax allocation functionality to apportion tax amounts back to tenants and divisions
  • Accrual and estimating tools for easy, accurate projections of future tax liability
  • Configurable screens allowing users to optimize interface to reflect their internal processes
  • Status reports, analytics, custom KPIs from anywhere at anytime
  • Appeal management to track all appeal events, results, and costs
  • Abatement and exemption tracking
  • Property tax app for mobile devices
  • Calendar and email alerts to keep you on top of your deadlines
  • Role-based security
  • Comprehensive audit log ensures data integrity and SOX compliance

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  • The DMA Story: Fuel Your Efficiency with PTMS

    As DMA’s property tax operations grew, they needed a tool to help them maximize their efficiency so they could minimize additional overhead expenses and pass the savings back to their customers.