PTMS for Tax Consultants

Property Tax Made Simple

Our customers save on average 78% of the time they spend on property tax compliance tasks enabling them to focus on the important stuff – analysis, tax minimization, or expanding their business.

PTMS makes property tax simple.

It saves you time, helps minimize taxes, and manages all of your clients’ documents – no matter their industry, type of property, or how they’re assessed.

PTMS also provides tools to help minimize property taxes paid and ensure your clients are properly reimbursed.

  • Track all aspects of the property tax workflow
  • Optimize your allocation of resources
  • Reduce time spent on compliance
  • Minimize taxes paid
  • Generate returns automatically
  • Increase tax return accuracy
  • Spend less time researching property tax jurisdictions
  • Manage all property tax deadlines
  • Eliminate non-assessable costs
  • Track asset movements and changes automatically
  • Calculate asset values using assessor depreciation schedules
  • Validate assessments and manage appeals more efficiently
  • Pay more bills in less time
  • Simplify audits and save time
  • Calculate and update accruals and forecasts quickly and easily
  • Generate reports quickly and easily (taxes paid, cash flow, etc.)
  • Apportions tax to assets for billback
  • Access to status reports, analytics, custom KPIs from anywhere at anytime
  • Thousands of taxing jurisdictions, forms, tables, rates, assessors, collectors, due dates
  • Tax returns automatically populated with your data
  • Tools to break out non-assessable costs such as partial terminations, installation costs, and sales tax
  • Assets may be split into multiple categories, ages, or across multiple returns
  • Secure, centralized database of all your property tax data provides you access from anywhere
  • Automatic year-to-year comparison of property to identify movements and changes
  • Assets may be flagged as terminations or ghost assets outside of any fixed asset system
  • Ability to carry-over asset overrides each year so time spent scrubbing isn’t repeated
  • Assessment classifications categorize your property according to each jurisdiction’s grouping
  • Jurisdictional depreciation schedules so you can calculate an expected value
  • Bulk edit tools quickly filter groups of assets and perform mass updates
  • Copy and Paste functions to move data directly to/from MS Excel
  • OCR technology pulls data from assessment notices and tax bills to eliminate data entry
  • Searchable central repository to store all property tax documents, which are automatically linked to sites, appeals, payment records, etc.
  • Assessment thresholds automatically alert you to overassessments and appeal opportunities
  • Property tax workflow that tracks every step in your property tax process
  • Easy tax payment approval process
  • AP interface exports payment requests to any AP system
  • Tax allocation functionality to apportion tax amounts for billback
  • Accrual and estimating tools for easy, accurate projections of future tax liability
  • Configurable screens allowing users to optimize interface to reflect their internal processes
  • Status reports, analytics, custom KPIs from anywhere at anytime
  • Appeal management to track all appeal events, results, and costs
  • Abatement and exemption tracking
  • Property tax app for mobile devices
  • Calendar and email alerts
  • Role-based security
  • Comprehensive audit log ensuring data integrity and SOX compliance

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  • The DMA Story: Fuel Your Efficiency with PTMS

    As DMA’s property tax operations grew, they needed a tool to help them maximize their efficiency so they could minimize additional overhead expenses and pass the savings back to their customers.