• Webinar: PTMS


    Burned Out By Property Taxes? How much time do you spend each year validating property tax assessments and double checking values? We know it isn’t glamorous work, but when it comes time to write a check for your tax bill, it’s diligence like this that keeps you from overpaying or making a mistake. If you're spending considerable time on tasks like this, do

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  • Webinar: Insight for PTMS


    Get The Perspective You Need For Better Insight Into Your Tax Work Insight automatically syncs with PTMS to give tax professionals the metrics and access they need to successfully manage their property taxes from anywhere. If you're spending considerable time keeping tabs on outsource providers or managing a team, don’t burn yourself out this season. Save

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  • Webinar: Capture for PTMS


    Paperwork Wouldn't Be So Bad, If It Wasn't For All The Paperwork! Managing documents, e.g., tax bills, can be a tedious task, especially so if mistakes can result in penalties or problems later on. Capture for PTMS uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to scan documents and automatically send that data to your PTMS solution. Automating data entry

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  • Webinar: Office for PTMS


    Are You Handling Complex Calculations Outside of PTMS? Office for PTMS is a Microsoft Excel add-in that allows Excel spreadsheets to sync data with PTMS. Use your own formula in Excel to calculate a complex value, then push that value back into the system without requiring an import. Pull data back into your spreadsheet from PTMS just as easily. Office for P

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