Tax Compliance, Inc. (TCI) announces Document for PTMS, a new property tax document management solution that interfaces with PTMS to automatically collect and organize property tax documents and make them easily accessible to you not only from inside PTMS, but anywhere.

Document creates and maintains a central repository organizing all property tax documents to connect the entire tax department with the information they need. It catalogs all documents and tags them with descriptive metadata (such as the site, jurisdiction, assessor, collector, or account information associated with the document). Document’s powerful search tools make it easy to query documents and minimize the time it takes to locate documents of interest.

“Considering the paper-intensive ways most taxpayers are forced to interact by taxing authorities, document management is a serious issue for most companies,” said Scott Strauss, CEO of TCI, “Document for PTMS creates a single, easily queried, document repository which drastically reduces the time and costs associated with document management.” He added, “With SOX-compliant controls and powerful search tools, your entire tax library is at your fingertips, making for easier, more successful audits.”

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