Tax Compliance, Inc. Announces the Release of Property Tax Management System v.3.5

Tax Compliance, Inc. has announced the release of Property Tax Management System (PTMS) version 3.5. Enhancements include real property tax allocation; bill-back and tracking; annotated tax return forms; and enhanced appeal management tools including analysis of appeal-related expenses. TCI’s latest release pushes the envelope of what property tax departments should expect from their property tax software. “TCI has three times as many property tax software clients as do all of our competitors combined. The reason is, among other things, we continually add significant functionality to each release of PTMS — functionality that our competitors can only copy years later. PTMS version 3.5 continues this trend,” said Scott Strauss, Executive Vice President of TCI.

PTMS v.3.5 is now the only property tax software product that allows users to fully itemize and analyze all property tax appeal expenses. Many companies spend considerable time, effort, and money to contest assessments. PTMS gives its users the added ability to accurately track appeal-related expenses to be sure they are staying within budget for each appeal and to determine a combined “ROI” for all appeals.

For those in the business of leasing or renting real property, PTMS v.3.5 tracks taxes paid on each property, calculates the tax reimbursement due from each tenant and exports that bill-back amount directly to an A/R system. Historical details of all tax bill-back transactions are kept in the PTMS database for easy access when needed.

For personal property taxpayers a PDF replica of the tax return(s) for each tax jurisdiction is provided with annotations (pop-ups) that identify the data source for each field and describe how data flows to each field on the form. This information is easy to understand and allows PTMS users to re-work their source data to ensure accurate tax returns.

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