Customers of LicenseHQ, the market-leading licensing and operational compliance software, have recently formed an independent user group. Group members will participate in a conference call every month to discuss industry best practices, software tips, and enhancement requests. TCI, the developer of LicenseHQ, will partner with the group to provide logistical support but will not control the agenda or direct group activities.

“We’re thrilled our customers created an independent user group,” said TCI CEO Scott Strauss, “because it means our customers have formed a community dedicated to helping each other and want to guide the development of the software.” He added, “You always want to know what’s impacting your customers and what’s on their minds.”

“We’ve said before that our customers are our best development resource,” said Mike Mulinix, Director of Client Services, “but if you’ve ever participated in a user group call or come to one of our user conferences, you’d also know they’re also great at support too.”

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