Tax Compliance, Inc. (TCI) is pleased to announce the release of its Property Tax Management System (PTMS) v3.09 SQL. PTMS is a comprehensive and flexible software product that automates personal and real property tax compliance for all U.S. tax jurisdictions. PTMS v3.09 SQL couples the capabilities of the most advanced and widely accepted property tax compliance solution with the most robust and widely accepted database platform in use by Corporate America: Microsoft’s Sequel (SQL) Server® database.

“TCI has established its 70% share of the locally assessed property tax software market by offering software with the greatest functionality, notwithstanding the limited acceptance of a FoxPro® database. Now that we have coupled the superior functionality of PTMS with the broad acceptability of a SQL database, there is no doubt that PTMS is the most comprehensive, powerful and flexible property tax software product on the market,” asserts Carl Melcher, President of TCI.

Current PTMS users have the option of continuing with their PTMS FoxPro version. TCI clients that choose to convert to PTMS v3.09 SQL will experience a seamless transition, as the current user interface, together with all current PTMS features and functionality, will carry over to the SQL version. There is no need for companies converting to PTMS v3.09 SQL to send their tax personnel for additional training.

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