Tax Compliance, Inc. (TCI), the leading provider of property tax compliance software to corporate tax departments (with more than 65% of the in-house property tax software market) announces the release of Property Tax Management System (PTMS) v2.7. PTMS is a comprehensive and innovative software product that completely automates personal and real property tax compliance for all taxing jurisdictions. Prominent enhancements in PTMS v2.7 include a report to document tax savings resulting from the use of PTMS, enhanced graphical analysis tools, a streamlined window for processing property tax bills and user-friendly, on-screen tax return specifications.

PTMS contains many features that are specifically designed to help users reduce their annual property taxes. The Tax Savings Report documents and quantifies the tax dollars saved through the elimination of ghost assets, the reclassification of personal property and the application of aggressive depreciation tables. Such easily applied tax-saving techniques ensure that PTMS users pay the lowest legal tax each year. PTMS users will now be able to quantify the exact amount of tax dollars they have saved their company. As with all PTMS reports, the Tax Savings Report may be easily customized by the user, and all variations of the report saved for future use.

One of the main advantages of PTMS is the virtually unlimited ability to view, edit, print and export asset information to meet the user’s needs and preferences. The Quick Graphs feature enhances the impact and clarity of the reports generated by PTMS. Users can select those fields they wish to compare and the order in which those fields are to appear in colored graphs.

A streamlined bill processing option is included in PTMS v2.7 for those taxpayers who process large numbers of tax bills in individual taxing jurisdictions. The Tax Bill – Quick Entry window displays expected tax bills in a grid format to maximize the efficiency of data entry. Once entered, bills can be rapidly processed in batch mode, eliminating much of the time consuming data entry tasks required in other tax bill processing systems.

The Tax Return Specifications window provides PTMS users with greater insight and control over what appears on their property tax returns. A “blueprint” of each property tax return is displayed so users can see how their property information flows from the PTMS database onto each tax return. Such information was previously available only from TCI’s Customer Service Department, but is now available within PTMS itself.

All of the above enhancements, like most new PTMS features, have their origin in user requests. TCI obtains such input through many channels, including the Customer Zone and normal day-to-day interaction with our clients. This commitment to solicit input from current and prospective users is what has allowed TCI to continually improve PTMS to make it the most powerful, user-friendly and dynamic property tax software system on the market today.

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