How Insight for PTMS Benefits You

  • Avoid missing deadlines with dashboards and email alerts
  • Access custom data queries from multiple devices
  • Approve tax returns, assessments, and payments remotely
  • Measure productivity and prioritize resources

Insight for PTMS Solution Features

  • New tab inside Returns Manager to track information about returns generated in PTMS
  • Currently, the PTMS Calendar can track many events about returns (e.g., return mailed and return reviewed) but the process for creating and managing those events is all manual.
  • Returns History tab makes this process easier
  • Amended returns are tracked separately
  • Notifications will be supported for returns
  • Insight doesn’t require filing accounts for returns

How Does This Help My Business?

PTMS has been a huge time-saver for us, from filing returns, the assessments, tax bills — really the whole process from beginning to end. We can prepare two or three hundred returns for a state  in four to five hours, and get them out the door same-day if needed. If you did that by hand, you’d need several people on hand to be able to handle that volume!

Bobby Barnes, VP of Compliance Operations DuCharme, McMillen & Associates

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