Bridge Services

We launched Bridge Services in January 2020, which connects customers with CSC PTMS® product experts who perform work on their behalf, and since then almost all of our Bridge clients have worked with us again.

Bridge provides customers with flexibility and peace of mind, especially when time is tight and an unexpected leave of absence, seasonal activity, or fast approaching deadlines can leave you without coverage. You provide guidance on your areas of need, as well as final approval, and we’ll handle all the work in between.

Bridge Services

PTMS software experts are available to fill in on a short-term basis to address your company’s immediate needs.


Assistance includes hands-on help with:

  • Preparing returns
  • Processing bills
  • Importing values
  • Setting up assessment classifications
  • Onboarding new property
  • And more


If interested, contact Professional Services.

Self-hosted to SaaS

PTMS can be delivered as a hosted software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution using secure, reliable, facilities that are tailored specifically for the product. If you are self-hosting and find that your I.T. resources are stretched thin, moving PTMS to SaaS makes things easy.

SaaS benefits include:

  • Minimizes your I.T. department’s involvement with PTMS
  • No need to connect to company network or VPN
  • Environment optimized for PTMS software performance
  • Automatic updates: software releases, tax data, and forms
  • Product support and troubleshooting made easier


If interested, contact Professional Services.

Contact Professional Services

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