PTMS puts you back in the driver’s seat managing values and appeals.

PTMS calculates the assessed value on each of your properties using jurisdictional depreciation calculations. This system-calculated value allows you to have a basis of comparison for flagging overvalued assessments. It also provides for more accurate and timely budgets and accrual updates. If an appeal is warranted, PTMS will manage every step in your protest process, from hearing dates to contingency fee calculations to tax savings reports.

How PTMS benefits you

  • Prevents overvaluation
  • Allows for collaboration with law firms and tax consultants
  • Eliminates the risk of missing appeal opportunities

PTMS solution features

  • Calculation methods, including jurisdictional depreciation tables, index tables, and assessment ratios, from across the United States
  • Create custom calculation methods and abatement or exemption rules for properties
  • Manages abatement or exemption renewal requirements and deadlines
  • Tracks and calculates up to 12 opinions of value for each record
  • Provides value trends over multiple years
  • Identifies overvalued properties by comparing values using user-defined thresholds
  • Includes assessment expected dates and appeal filing deadlines
  • Available Optical Character Recognition (OCR) tools eliminate data entry for inputting value notices
  • Easily attach assessment or appeal documents to each assessment record for fast archival and retrieval
  • Calculate complex values, manage accounting processes, or generate reports using external data by pushing data in and out of Microsoft Excel without needing to import/export

Advanced functionality for PTMS

How does this help my business?

PTMS has been a huge time-saver for us, from filing returns, the assessments, tax bills — really the whole process from beginning to end. We can prepare two or three hundred returns for a state  in four to five hours, and get them out the door same-day if needed. If you did that by hand, you’d need several people on hand to be able to handle that volume!

Bobby Barnes, VP of Compliance Operations DuCharme, McMillen & Associates

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