Analytics for PTMS is an advanced report writer that helps users build complex reports using data stored in CSC PTMS® together with external data sets.

Transform PTMS data into visualizations, like KPIs and dashboards, import external data sets for analysis alongside PTMS tax data, trigger alerts that are unique to user roles, and schedule delivery of reports for whenever is most convenient for your team.

How Analytics for PTMS benefits you

  • User-friendly interface: Analytics is built to allow non-programmers to build and run reports.
  • Wider access to tax data: Analytics for PTMS users don’t have to be existing PTMS users.
  • Data visualization: graphs and charts help users more readily identify trends or possible data discrepancies than information presented in grid format.

Analytics for PTMS solution features

  • Extensibility: Users can import external data to be combined with PTMS data onto a report. Create a report shell and upload updated external data before running the new report versus reconciling everything manually.
  • Quick-start templates: customizable, pre-loaded templates help avoid starting from scratch.
  • Always-on-time: schedule the delivery of reports to custom recipient lists.
  • Data density: multiple reports can be combined onto a single dashboard, users can drill down into on screen information for more detail


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